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2023 MATE ROV Competition

Join with high school students to compete in the 2023 Ranger Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) competition at Dauphin Island Sea Lab in late April 2023. Students are needed with interests in topics from the textbook, Underwater Robotics: Science, Design, & Fabrication:
1. Types, History, & Uses of Underwater Vehicles
2. Design Challenges and a Spiral Engineering Methodology
3. Water Properties, Movement & Biology
4. Structure Performance Criteria, Design & Materials
5. Pressure Hull Forces, Calculations, & Construction
6. Buoyancy, Stability, & Ballast: Science & Design
7. Thrust, Electric Motors, & Propellers for Maneuvering
8. Energy, Power, & Electric Circuit Design for Power Systems
9. Microcontrollers & Programming for Control & Navigation
10. Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Manipulators, & Payloads
11. Planning, Mobilization, and ROV Mission Operations
12. Design & Construct an Underwater ROV

The MATE ROV Robotics competition provides students with a real-world engineering experience that incorporates the practical application of math and science. It also:
– Prepares students to be technologically literate and thus better prepared for college or the workforce
– Helps students develop leadership, project management, teamwork, and organizational skills
– Develops students’ confidence through self-directed learning, decision-making, abstract thinking, and problem-solving

All of this is accomplished through a simulation of a real world business and engineering environment which provides an opportunity for students to learn engineering, science, technology, and team concepts, especially the engineering process, in a fun and exciting competition which encourages students in STEM pursuits.

Tentative Schedule:
– Prior to January 2023: On-line and hands-on safety training
– December: 2 - 3 meetings (days determined by student schedules)
– Spring: Weekly meetings to design & build the ROV
– Friday - Sunday, late April 2023: MATE Competition at Dauphin Island Sea Lab




Plus minimum $150 per student fundraising

  • Fundraising due by February 1st, 2023
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